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CircuitRCAY is a third party application for controlling laundry controlled by Greenwald Industries (still using the legacy phoneadmin.flashcashonline.com API which Circuit uses). To produce this, a matter of debugging, reverse engineering and spending money was done to understand, and be able to reimplement a replacement.

Reverse engineering may not be legal in the country you are living in. Before reproducing the steps found in this, frankly, terrible blog, try asking a lawyer.

These findings were performed before the UK left the EU THE EVENT on the 31st January 2020.


The Circuit (laundry) app currently on the Android Market is a usable application for university students across the UK. However, I believe that there are some vital features missing from the software.

  • No Countdown Timer
  • No Notifications
  • Obscure Error Messages

Because of this, I started working on an unofficial Circuit client, for both web browsers, and Android.



The Android version of CircuitRCAY uses Google's Flutter UI framework to create a better looking application compared to the original. The adoption of Flutter also potentially means an iOS application can also be created, but would be impractical, due to cost reasons.