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GitTags is a GitHub based Discord Bot, which retrieves tag information from any public GitHub repository.

How to Use

  1. Create a public GitHub repository
  2. Create a folder within it named tags
  3. Create any file within the folder. This filename will be the name of the tag
  4. Tell the bot to retrieve the tag, with the git>[name of file] command.

Advanced Features


In order to execute administrative commands, a different prefix is used to differentiate it from regular tags.

  • Admin: git<[command]
  • Retrieve Tag: git>[name of file]

Administrative Commands

  • git<set
    • Use the default GitHub repository.
  • git<set [owner]
    • Use the [owner]/gittag repository.
  • git<set [owner];[repo]
    • Use the [owner]/[repo] repository.
  • git<info
    • Get information about where GitTags is currently pointing to

Tag command

  • git>[tag]
    • Obtain text with the tag name